Let’s get to know each other over a cup of tea

Life is like a cup of tea

I guess I should properly introduce myself before I ramble on. That would be proper manners. Go make yourself a cup of tea and enjoy a glimpse into the life that is mine.

I live in Johannesburg, South Africa. No, there aren’t any lions roaming around in the streets and I do not know Pieter Labuschagne that lives in Cape Town. South Africa has a population of 54 million people by the way.  I have just turned 33 and I am the proud proud owner of my own business for a whole year now in April. I am an Industrial Psychologist and specialise in psychometric assessments, people management and development, and woman’s coaching.

I have been married to the most awesome man for 4 years and 7 months. Very corny, but he really is the best human that I know (will refer to him as ‘my human’ from hereon). We met on a blind date, got engaged 3 months later and said our “I do’s” 9 months after that. It was just right and I knew that he was my person, but often when we talk about it now, we can’t believe that our parents didn’t send us off to a crazy institution for rushing into things. But like good red wine, being married just gets better and better with time. We are trying for little humans, so hopefully our human clan will be growing some time soon.

We have two non-human children – a German Shephard, Zara, and a Husky, Kiara. Zara is two and a half and Kiara is fourteen. Zara is the goof ball, with only one upright ear (her one ear didn’t get the growth memo). She loves attention, cuddles and playing fetch. In hind-sight we should have called her Shadow, as she follows me around EVERY WHERE! Kiara is our old lady, with a big attitude, but a bigger heart. She will come to you for cuddles when it suits her and you better not dare touch her when she hasn’t asked for it. Although she is old, and does a lot of face planting when her front legs give in while running, she still loves going for walks and runs, just at a slower pace.

My parents have been married for 35 years. Happily married and often act like teenagers, which my human and I find very inspiring, as we really learn a lot from them. I have a younger brother, who just turned 30 (gosh, I am getting old!).

I love to laugh, I am a tea cup fanatic, and appreciate a good book. I can eat copious amounts of popcorn, drink just as much tea, and love being outdoors. I avoid conflict, and when I can’t avoid it, I tend to be quite harsh with my words. I am a typical introvert, as per my previous post, and there’s usually more going on in my head than what is coming out of my mouth. I value honesty, realness, and honour. I can be quite impulsive. I believe in boundaries in your life and that you always have a choice. My life is grace and I am an eternal optimist. Holding on to hope gets me through bad spots, and for everything else my human makes me laugh and I drink a cup of tea (I really do love tea!).

Take me to the ocean any day, and I am a happy person. I love taking photos, (which my human doesn’t always appreciate), notice details when people change their hair or buy a new item of clothing, and love birthdays! I cry at weddings, I cry in all movies (even when I watch a movie for a second time, in the same scenes), and I cry when someone does something thoughtful for me. I love getting flowers (my human needs to still work on that one a bit), do hand-written letters to friends (yes, I am old-school), and sticking inspirational quotes and pictures on my motivation board.

My passion is to help others identify potential in themselves, or cultivate what they already have, and then journey with them from point A to point B. Helping others find their true identity is what it is all about for me. I am a motivator and love bringing positive energy into any situation. That ‘A-ha moment’ that people have makes it all worth it for me.

And, that is me.

So, welcome in my world. I hope that we will have fun on this journey together!

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