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Spring: A Season for Planting

During winter we crave warmer weather and when the season starts changing, we become very excited. We however forget that when spring comes around, we need to start putting some energy back into our lives because spring is all about hard work.

We (my husband and I)  planted a garden to mark the transition from winter to spring in our lives. We planted two gardens;  a vegetable patch and a flower garden. It was hard work, but it was a wonderful experience. It was so rewarding to stand back, wipe the sweat from our brows, and see the end-result of our hard work.

Spring marks the time to come out of the darkness of winter and be reminded of renewed life. It marks the transition from winter to summer. During a winter season of rest, you should have gathered enough strength and vitality to roll up those sleeves and start digging into the soil of your life and work it.

Spring is really a season of hard work and here are a few keys that I think will help you make the most of a spring season in your life.

You need to put in the hours

Planting doesn’t happen by itself, there is quite a lot of preparation and hard work that needs to go into it. If you want to plant something new or pursue a new venture or opportunity, you need to be willing to work for it.  If you took some time during your winter season to do planning for spring, then this is the season for implementation.

Maintain the discipline and healthy habits that you cultivated through your winter season, as these will help you with the transition and consistency needed in a spring season.

It is a transition

Spring isn’t always a smooth transition. While planting new things in your life, some ideas will work (the seeds you have planted will grow beautifully), and others won’t (birds might eat your newly planted seeds before they even push through the soil properly). This just means that you need to get back to basics, make a new plan and execute.

Keep the energy flowing by continuing to engage in activities that fill your cup. And when things don’t quite go as planned, don’t lose hope. In the famous words of Marilyn Monroe, “Sometimes things fall apart so that better things can fall together.” 

New things

Spring marks the start of new things. Which means you need to do new things. You cannot keep on doing the same things and expect different results.

Be brave.

Venture into the unknown.

Cultivate new habits.

Explore new avenues.

Take the road less traveled. 


Once you have done the initial hard work and planted your new venture/opportunity/business idea, keep on working on it. Consistency is the key to growth. You need to ensure you are following your planning, stay aware of new trends that might impact your venture, remove anything that is not working, and keep on investing your time into it to ensure that it keeps on expanding.


Spring is all about hard work

We had so much fun planting our vegetable patch and flower garden, but now we need to consistently work in them. Remove weeds, regularly give water, remove more weeds, track the growing of our plants and vegetables, turn the soil, remove more weeds… And so the work continuous, but we are preparing the soil for the growth that will surely come in summer.

It is lovely to come out of a winter season, come out of resting and stretch ourselves out, but spring is a season of hard work. So get ready, mark out your ground, and start digging so that you can plant something new in your life, tend to it, and watch it grow.


Remember: be the BEST you.

This post is the third in a series I am currently writing, titled “Seasons”. Keep an eye out for my next post – “Summer: A Season for Growth”. 

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